An ode to Sun Kissed Kids

We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful country. We’ve got the sun, the surf and sizzling BBQs. As parents, we fondly remember the days spent sunbaking at the beach or lazing by the pool. We cherish the memories of Summer nights with a few good mates and a few too many beverages. I mean things haven’t changed that much …….. right?

We’re still blessed with a beautiful country. We’ve still got the sun and the surf, but now as parents, we’ve got something else; Sun Kissed Kids. Our little explorers demand adventure and refuse to waste their Summers inside. In theory, you think this will be fun. Water fights in the backyard and seashell hunting on the beach; Instagram eat your heart out!

Sure, there might be some of this, but parents know the truth.  Behind every Sun Kissed Kid, are parents making lists, packing bags, and saying no for the thousandth time. An outing with a toddler can feel like a marathon and after trying to convince them for 20 minutes that sand isn’t food; you’re probably cursing Summer.

I remember, once upon a time, I’d have a thought, “What a perfect day to go to the beach.” I’d simply get ready, pack a few things like a magazine and earphones, grab my trendy yet oversized beach bag and leave. 20 minutes from woe to go.

Now as a parent, I’m a plan and pack expert. I’ve got lists of lists, backup bags and emergency snacks at the ready. I plan a beach trip 2 weeks in advance and check the weather every second day. You’ve probably researched ‘how to organise your car,’ and are waddling down the beach with 6 bags and an esky packed to the brim. It’s not like it used to be, but maybe that’s okay.

Having kids is like a roller coaster that never ends. Sometimes it’s exciting; sometimes it’s terrifying, and truthfully it can be down-right exhausting. Every time I think of something fun to do, autopilot kicks in and the “list” appears. I’m consumed with thoughts of sunscreen, beach toys, what snacks to pack, where did I put the rashy and when will the sun be the hottest.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or exhausted at the thought of an outing; so let’s rebel! Let’s forget about the list. Let’s stop thinking about an adventure and have one. Here’s the thing about Sun Kissed Kids; everything they need to have a great adventure is right at your fingertips, and it’s free.

You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the water and the best part; they’ve got you!!

You’re their best friend. Every rock, every shell and every grain of sand is new to them. With your little adventurer by your side, you get to experience everything for the first time and maybe, you’ll rediscover those magical moments we often forget.

Feel the squishy-ness of sand through your toes or play tag with the waves. Let them swim in their clothes or forget the clothes altogether. Forget the Ipad, forget the organic rice crackers and forget your list! Sun Kissed Kids need love; they need Sun; they need adventure but most of all they need you! Hear them laugh, watch them grow and soak them in and without trying, you’ll be making new magical memories this Summer.