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“Eeep! Minnow Designs neoprene beach booties. Perfect for little beach babes tootsies. They protect your babes feet against hot sand, pesky sharp shells and slippery rocks while they explore the sand and sea. Plus they are bright and on trend.”

— www.captainandco.com.au

The Story

Our mission at Minnow Designs is to ‘fill the gaps’ in a parents life. We dreamed up the unique design for these booties when our firstborns started toddling through Australian seaside rock pools together. We were constantly on the lookout for sharp rocks, shells and slippery bits. We needed something comfortable and malleable that would protect their little feet. Socks, but stronger and quick drying.

Made using bright, on trend colours, these booties aren’t just cute, they are of the highest quality. They’ve been 24 months in the making and we are so, so proud of the final product.

At Minnow, we’re about small salty faces, sandy toddler bottoms, spontaneous fun, unhurried friendship, big belly laughs and rare moments of parental peace interrupted by frequent moments of breathless joy.

The Founders

Minnow Designs is the brainchild of two friends who have made it their mission to design beautiful, purposeful products that ‘fill the gaps’ in a parents life. Lorraine, a Fashion Designer and Stacey, a Marketing Consultant met when they were young and carefree, had babies at the same time and went into business shortly thereafter.

In the time since we launched Minnow in the Australian Summer of 15/16 we’ve drunk countless bottles of wine, refined our product to the point of real pride, learned more about small business and ourselves than we’re entirely comfortable with and created another set of small adorable toddler buddies. We’re chuffed to be on this journey and we’re so grateful you could join us.

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Lorraine Cherry-Nguyen

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Stacey Fisher

The Products

Protect your baby’s feet against hot sand, shells and rocks while they explore sand and sea. Soft, pliable neoprene acts like a sock so your baby’s foot can move freely. Beautifully boxed, these fun swim shoes are perfect as a practical, beautifully made gift for hip little explorers.


The Office

40-76 William St,

Leichhardt NSW 2040

Phone: +61 2 9188 8854
Email: [email protected]

Filling the gaps in a parent's life, one clever product at a time