Get 5 minute family adventure ideas to share with your little explorer.

Want a quick, easy & free idea to stimulate your little ones imagination this weekend?

Download our 5 minute rockpooling adventure guide and take it (along with a bucket) to the beach & explore together.

Happy splashing!

What are Minnow #5minuteadventureshares?

If you’re anything like us, you spend all week desperately looking forward to the weekend, only to make it to the end of the week mentally and physically exhausted.

You can’t wait to bond with your small people but your brain is fried and you have a million things to get done before you start the week again.

Enter Minnow Designs 5 minute adventures. We’ve canvassed our friends and followers and compiled a list of inexpensive, quick & easy adventures for you to take your little explorers on this weekend.

All of which you can do in around 5 minutes.

Most you can do at home. Some, you might like to do at your local park, river, beach or lake.

At Minnow, we’re all about getting outside and exploring the world with our favourite people.

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