Indigenous Kangaroo print water shoes in yellow and ochre on Australian red dirt ground
Kakadu Kangaroo Water Shoes by Kakadu Tiny Tots x Minnow Designs

Wherever we are in Australia..

...we walk on the land and swim in the seas of Australia's First Peoples.
In acknowledgement, we have added a box to our website shopping cart where all customers can choose to add the Traditional Place Name of their region alongside their home address. 

The address will appear below the householder name and above the street address, per Australia Post guidelines.

How to identify whose country you're on

The AIATSIS map is a great place to start your search to find whose country you are on. In some parts of Australia, research into the appropriate traditional owners is ongoing. You can find out more here.


This is possible thanks to Indigenous leaders such as Gomeroi woman Rachael McPhail who have worked alongside organisations such as Australia Post & Shopify to make this possible & easy for small business owners to do. Special thanks to the crew at Magpie Goose who wrote a handy blog post stepping the technically challenged like us through how to set it all up on our website.

Stacey and Lorraine x