How to measure your child’s shoe size….

1. Place a sheet of paper against a wall.

2. Ask the child to stand on the sheet of paper with heels pressed against the wall. Ensure the child is standing straight with weight evenly distributed on both feet.

3. Draw around the foot

4.  Measure the length of the foot from the longest point of the heel to the longest point of the toes.

5. Find the nearest length above this on the size chart below. This is your child’s shoe size.

Designed for snuggly,
swimmable comfort

Minnows are made from plush, soft, stretchy neoprene. They’re meant to fit snug so that they keep out the water and the sand, but not so snug that they don’t feel like walking on a pillow. They have some stretch, like wetsuits. If in doubt, we suggest that you go up a size.

You can order your Minnows according to your child’s regular shoe size (or up a size if their toes don’t have a lot of room in their current shoes). Or, for more accurate sizing you can measure your little one’s foot according to the below instructions.

Made for roaming…

There will be some give in the fabric over time, particularly if you pop them in the washing machine frequently. Again, if in doubt, go up a size.