Payment & Ordering

Where can I enter my coupon code?

Once you've double checked your order in your CART page, click 'checkout'. You'll find the discount code box at the top of your checkout page on the right. 

Help! My coupon code doesn’t work!

Whoops! Close out of the shopping cart before confirming your order. Your cart at minnowdesigns.com.au will save your goodies. Now, drop us an email at hello@minnowdesigns.com.au. We’ll jump on it as soon as we possibly can. We use a very simple coupon system so it should take no time for us to sort it.

Can you gift wrap?

Unfortunately not.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card at our checkout or via Paypal. Neither Paypal nor Stripe/ Shoppay share any of your financial data with us. All we receive are your order details, shipping address and email.

What is Shoppay? 

Shoppay is the standard payments processor offered by Shopify, who hosts our website. Shopify is the largest eCommerce website provider in the world and is powered by Stripe.  

I’m having issues with my Paypal/ Stripe/ Shoppay account.

We have no control over Paypal’s Payment gateway. If you’re having issues with your Paypal account, please contact Paypal customer support.

Can I change or cancel my order?

We move pretty fast. Once your order is received by the warehouse, it cannot be changed and you’ll have to return the goods for a refund and then reorder. If you do manage to notice an issue with your order prior to the warehouse receiving your order details, drop us an email at hello@minnowdesigns.com.au titled URGENT ORDER CHANGE and we’ll do our very best to accomodate your request.

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How are Minnows made?

Watch the video below to see what makes up your Minnows.



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How to put your Minnows on

There can be a bit of a trick to putting on your little ones Minnows. They’re designed to fit snug in order to prevent drag in the water but they shouldn’t be tight around the big toe. If in doubt, go up a size.

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How to care for your Minnows

Minnows aren’t just super comfy, they’re super easy to care for. Just throw them in the machine on a cold wash with your regular swim things and hang out in a shady spot to dry.  Note that the silver coating on our AVOCA sandals is not designed to go through the machine. Please rinse these gently and spot clean.

Minnows are made from soft, plush neoprene (wetsuit fabric). As such, they’re great for salt and fresh water however they are not recommended for use in strong chlorine. Flex sole will take you anywhere but avoid rough surfaces like concrete when wearing our early walker soft sole range. Not suitable for crawlers.